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Upholstery Cleaning

Upholstery & Furniture Cleaning in Tampa

We sometimes don’t notice our upholstery getting dirty and stained until it’s spent months picking up dirt and sweat. All of this can make our furniture look dull and grubby. The good news is, a professional deep-cleaning can make your furniture look good as new.

Dirt and grime can wear on the fibers of your upholstery’s covering and reduce their life. By getting them cleaned regularly, you can keep them in good shape and extend their useful life. We use safe cleaning methods that can restore your furniture and help it last.

The wrong cleaning methods can damage your furniture and keep it from lasting as long as it should. We use a safe and effective process to ensure that your furniture stays in great shape.

Dry Particle Removal

Pet dander, dust, dirt, sand and other particles can adhere to your upholstery fabrics and cause them to look dull. The first step in deep cleaning your upholstery is to use commercial-grade vacuums to thoroughly remove these contaminants from your upholstery and furniture. This keeps these particles from causing stains when it comes time to shampoo your furniture.

Furniture Shampooing

The next part of upholstery & furniture cleaning includes washing off stains left by drinks, sweat and other fluids. A gentle but effective furniture shampoo is used to loosen these staining materials. Next, steam cleaning pulls it all away.

Furniture is thoroughly dried after cleaning to assure that it stays clean and fresh even in the Tampa Bay area’s hot and humid climate.

The Right Treatment for the Fabrics in Your Home

No matter what fabrics are used on the furniture in your home, we have the expertise to treat them properly. We use special processes to thoroughly clean fibers like silk, wool and cotton while protecting them from damage.

Why Choose HydroGlow Cleaning & Floor Care?

At HydroGlow, we value our relationships. We work to build our customers’ trust and keep them happy with the work we do. A large percentage of the people who use our services come back to us again and again. HydroGlow is a family owned and operated local business. We take pride in offering our affordable and effective cleaning services to businesses and families in the Tampa Bay area.

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