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Travertine Cleaning & Polishing

Travertine Cleaning & Polishing In Tampa

Like marble and other natural stone, travertine is sensitive to acidic substances, therefore vulnerable to etching, even when it is sealed. It is susceptible to other types of damage, and with time and use, can become dull or dirty-looking. In addition, the naturally occurring holes in travertine need some attention from time to time.

When your travertine floors, walls, countertops, vanity tops, showers, or other surfaces need to be refinished, remember, no two travertine jobs are alike. Quality craftsmanship is essential. We have unparalleled travertine skills and can expertly restore antique elegance to your stone.

HydroGlow Cleaning & Floor Care provides high-quality travertine restoration in the Tampa area. Our travertine services include deep cleaning, filling holes, honing and polishing, changing the finish, stain removal, chip and crack repair, lippage removal, enhancing, sealing and protecting, and more.

Deep Cleaning Travertine

Sometimes travertine doesn’t need to be restored, it just needs some quality, professional attention. We can examine your floor, countertop, or another travertine surface to determine the best way to give your travertine the exact appearance you want.

Our professional technicians use only the best and most appropriate cleaning solutions, technologies, and methods to extract dirt and grime from textured surfaces, and for unfilled travertine, from the naturally occurring holes. Your floors, countertops, and other travertine surfaces will be thoroughly sanitized — so put away that scrub brush and contact us.

Travertine Polishing

Travertine is susceptible to staining from spills. With traffic and usage, it gets scuffed, scratched, and has an overall dull, dirty-looking appearance. In addition, improper cleaning methods and other damage can diminish the elegance of travertine.

Our professional technicians are trained in the most effective travertine honing and polishing techniques. We begin by grinding away a very thin layer from the surface, essentially erasing almost any type of damage. From there, we polish in stages, achieving the desired look — from a soft, satin-like honed finish to a highly reflective, glossy polished finish.

Travertine Enhancing

We can intensify the natural color and variation in your travertine, and increase its stain resistance with the application of enhancing sealer. Improper enhancing methods can produce blotchy looking stone or grout. Our technicians are trained and qualified to provide the best possible results.

Sealing and Protecting Your Travertine

Once we restore your travertine to its original, elegant appearance, it may still be susceptible to staining, depending on its location and usage. Sealing and protecting your travertine improves its resistance to such damage.

So, how do you know whether your travertine needs to be sealed? You can do a stone absorbency test. Don’t worry. It’s not nearly as complicated as it sounds.

In addition, our expert technicians can determine whether your travertine needs to be sealed and use the appropriate sealer for your needs so that your natural stone investment is protected.

The best way to ensure your travertine retains its natural beauty is to have it professionally serviced every one to two years. So Call HydroGlow Cleaning & Floor Care Today!

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