Tile & Grout Sealing

Tile & Grout Sealing in Tampa

Homes all across the Greater Tampa Bay area are adorned with fabulous tile designs. Tile is a beautiful and durable surface, which is why it is so frequently chosen in both residential and commercial applications.  As durable as tile may be, it is constantly exposed to dirt and is susceptible to staining from hard water and other contaminants.  Cleaning tile requires diligent effort and harsh unhealthy chemicals—unless, of course, HydroShield protects your tile.

Superior Tile & Grout Protection 

HydroShield is a unique tile and grout sealant that provides superior tile protection through creating an invisible bond and protective barrier on the tile surface.  This protective barrier makes HydroShield an eco-friendly option for your home by eliminating the need to use harsh chemical cleaners.  Cleaning is quick and simple and your investment is protected by a 3-year written warranty… now that is smart!


Grout is especially porous, providing a surface susceptible to the buildup of dirt and grime that leads to discoloration. Being such an exceptionally porous substance, grout is the perfect incubator for mildew.  Every time we shower, for example, or get an area of grout wet it can take up to 72 hours for it to dry.  If you shower every day, you will always have damp grout, providing an environment in which mildew loves to grow. Harsh cleaners and various bleaching agents hide the mildew at the surface but it will still be alive inside the grout.  As it grows from the bottom up, eventually you will find the mildew coming back. It can seem like a never-ending cycle. Over time, these same harsh chemicals used for cleaning actually damage the surface of the grout making it more susceptible to dirt so it actually becomes dirty faster.

Clear or Color Grout Sealants

HydroShield creates a barrier against the intrusion of dirt, soap build-up and mildew so you can leave that hard scrubbing in the past.  Clear tile and grout sealant has been a long time popular choice for homeowners wanting protection for their grout, especially if the tile and grout are new.

If you are ready for a new look, color sealing is revolutionizing the grout sealant industry. Today’s smart homeowners choose a color to suit their personal taste. HydroShield’s color options are virtually limitless while providing unsurpassed protection. Our Color Seal technology incorporates style with durability and Eco-friendly (antimicrobial) properties.

Whether you have a new home and want to protect your tile before you even move in or you want your existing tile to look like new, HydroShield is the answer you’ve been looking for. New grout receives a rock solid 12-year warranty against staining and mildew growth all while transforming your grout to Eco-friendly, “forget about it” maintenance.

Protecting Your Tile and Grout

If your new home or renovation has tile showers or a tile kitchen backsplash, it’s important to protect these surfaces with HydroShield before you ever move in. Our HydroShield protective coating will provide the ultimate protection from dirt and grime buildup, hard water stains and other unsightly discoloration while decreasing your cleaning time by 75 percent. HydroShield is so sure of the protective quality of sealing your new tile that we offer a 3-year warranty on its application.

When it comes to grout, it’s like a magnet for dirt and discoloration. For anyone that has scrubbed grout on their hands and knees, most would agree that having it sealed and protected before that mildew or dirt ever gets a foothold is a smart thing to do. HydroShield offers you just that safeguard and you’ll have people amazed for years to come at how your grout always looks like new.
Tell your builder you want HydroShield installed on your new tile and grout before you ever move in.

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