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Marble & Travertine Sealing

Marble & Travertine Sealing in Tampa

Homeowners in the greater Tampa Bay area who want a stunning addition to a bathroom or kitchen often choose natural stone for its sheer beauty. There’s nothing quite like it—but stone can also be a challenge to keep clean and undamaged. Fortunately, HydroShield’s innovative and tested products can work wonders on any type of natural stone, from travertine to marble.

Fills the Naturally Existing Porous Holes

Natural stone is permeable so it absorbs everything from dirt to oil and is a breeding ground for germs. The unique HydroShield formula fills the naturally existing porous holes while adding an eco-friendly topical sealant that’s invisible to the naked eye. The result? Natural stone that is durable and protected, helping it look new, all while making cleaning a breeze.

HydroShield Tampa Bay professionals work with homeowners to customize the end result. Have those exquisite stone surfaces reveal their natural beauty, whether it’s kitchen or vanity counters, showers or wherever your great sense of style takes you. Natural stone is an investment, so protect it and discard all those harmful chemicals – you won’t be needing them anymore!

Protecting Your Marble, Travertine & Natural Stone Surfaces

When you’ve gone to the expense of adding natural stone surfaces to your new or remodeled home, you want that splendor to stand the test of time. Before you ever move in or use that new room, protect it by calling our professionals at HydroShield. We will come to your home, take a look at the area you want sealed, and give you an estimate – all at no cost to you. Once you see the benefits of HydroShield, we’re confident you’ll want to protect and preserve that natural stone. The added bonus? Cleaning time is immediately reduced by up to 75 percent and you won’t need to buy any harsh chemical cleaning products to keep it looking new. A simple wipe down and your counters or shower is good to go! See our HydrosShield eco-safe, non-toxic cleaning products for a convenient and effective alternative to chlorine- and acidic-based options.

With HydroShield natural stone sealer, folks all over Greater Tampa Bay are loving their newly protected natural stone. Let your building contractor know you’ve selected HydroShield and sit back and enjoy all your new found free time from cleaning.

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