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Granite Sealing

Granite Sealing in Tampa

Granite is the epitome of luxury for countertops throughout your home.  Not only does granite increase home values, its natural and unique beauty is unmatched. Like all natural stone, granite is porous so it can stain and sometimes be difficult to maintain. HydroShield is unlike any granite sealer on the market.  A penetrating sealant providing protection from staining and build-up from food, dirt and everyday use in general, HydroShield is your answer to “shielding” this stunning home investment.

Easy to Clean and Prevents Bacteria

Unlike any other sealant, HydroShield is a hybrid in that our sealant not only penetrates but it also creates an invisible barrier on the granite that makes it super easy to clean.  It is just like non-stick cookware. And like nonstick cookware, scrubbing and harsh chemicals are no longer needed. The protecting sealant never chips flakes, stains, or peels. Just wipe down your counters when you clean up after dinner and that’s it!

HydroShield also creates a more sanitary, anti-bacterial surface by eliminating the pores where bacteria can reside and multiply. Cleaning with an alcohol-based glass cleaner such as our HydroShield brand cleaning products is recommended, which naturally disinfects the granite surface and makes it shine.

Backed by an industry-leading warranty, we don’t expect you to apply sprays or special oils to maintain your warranty. Eco-friendly, durable and cost-effective – that’s the HydroShield way.

Protecting Your Home Surfaces

You decided to go with granite countertops in your new kitchen, bath or both. After hours of looking at samples, you finally selected the perfect slab for your home and you want that investment protected. You can relax with the peace of mind knowing HydroShield will not only keep your granite safe but also make cleaning as easy as wiping your counters off with a clean cloth.

But the benefits of HydroShield don’t stop there! Your granite surfaces will remain more sanitary since no germs or stains can penetrate the surface. And all those nasty chemicals? Toss them out and make your home a green environment, eliminating environmental toxins that come from harsh cleaners. You and your family will be healthier, and that includes the family pet!

The bonus? You protect your investment with the best and easiest to maintain granite sealant on the market with HydroShield and it only takes about an hour to apply.

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